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When a Winter Storm Hits Lincoln, Mass.

12/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When a Winter Storm Hits Lincoln, Mass. Be prepared for winter storms

Temperatures are plummeting here in Middlesex County, and we are settling in for another winter in New England. As you wrap up your holiday preparations, do not forget to check on your emergency supplies to be sure you are equipped for inclement weather.

Winter Storm Heading to Lincoln, MA

When the snow is headed our way, the lines in the stores get ridiculously long. You can avoid much of the last minute shopping by taking stock of your supplies today.

If you find you need anything, you can purchase in advance and take advantage of holiday sales.

Batteries and Lighters

Check your flashlights and battery-operated radios to be sure they will be operational when needed. Confirm that you have dry matches or a lighter in case you need to light a candle or fire.


You should stock at least three gallons of water per person and pet. If you still have last year’s water, now is a good time to use up that supply and replace it with fresh water.


You should be prepared with three days of food for all household members and pets. Canned foods are a great option when the power goes out.

Check the dates on your canned goods, and replace older items with new ones.

Medical Supplies

You want to be sure you have several days of prescription medicine available for household members who need them. Check the expiration dates of nonprescription items to be certain you can provide for your family’s needs should the need arise.

Last Minute Prep

When a storm is on the horizon and everyone else is standing on line buying batteries and canned soup, you can focus on fuel and power.

Even if you plan to stay home for the duration of the storm, you should be sure your car has a full tank of gas in case you do have to go out for any reason. If possible, schedule a fill for your oil or propane tanks before the snow starts flying as well.

Finally, charge your phones and electronics ahead of time and keep them fully charged while you have power.

Storm Damage

If you should suffer any storm damage in Lincoln, Mass., be sure to call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford to begin restoration. We are available for emergency services, and the sooner you call, the sooner we can start on your home’s recovery.

Prepping for Winter in Lexington, Mass.

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepping for Winter in Lexington, Mass. Prepare now so you can hunker down when winter storms strike

Snow in November and temperatures in the teens on Thanksgiving morning remind us that winter comes early some years. Do not let the early storms deter you from taking proper measures to protect your home this year.

Prepping for Winter in Lexington, MA

Clear Your Gutters

The first snow fell before all the leaves were off the trees. Since then, several rainy weekends have discouraged outdoor chores.

Be sure to get all of the leaves and other debris out of your gutters before Lexington is gripped by frigid temperatures that freeze your gutters solid.

Prevent Burst Pipes

Take care now to prevent pipes from bursting in your home this winter. Turn off the water to outside faucets and plan to keep your home adequately heated throughout the season.

Make a Ready Plan

When you make a Ready Plan with our free app, you will have critical building information at your fingertips that can help you respond effectively in the case of a building emergency.

As we are so often reminded, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Look for Neighborhood Hazards

Buried hydrants and blocked storm drains put your home at risk in the event of fire or flood. Help the Lexington Fire Dept. and DPW stay on top of problems by keeping these critical systems clear and easily accessible.

Call SERVPRO for Restoration

When all else fails and you need a trusted partner to restore your building, call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford. We are available 24/7, rain or shine to help you get your life back as soon as possible. 

Bedford, Mass: Who Watches Your Home When You Go on Vacation?

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Bedford, Mass: Who Watches Your Home When You Go on Vacation? Having someone check your home while you are away will help protect your building and contents

When you go out of town, do you have someone checking on your home? Does this person know where to shut off the water? Can you be reached if the heat is not working?

Who Watches Your Home, Bedford?

This month of holiday parties and prep often culminates in an out-of-town trip for Massachusetts residents. Before you head out of town this season, be sure you have someone watching your house for you.

Maybe you do not have pets and you are confident your plants will survive in your absence, but so many other things can go wrong. You can best protect your building and contents by having a responsible individual check in to ensure building systems are running as intended.

Broken Pipes and Hoses

You are probably aware of the need to protect your pipes when temperatures plummet in Bedford, Mass., but pipes, valves, and hoses can fail any time of year. Having someone check your home will help control the expense and the extent of damage if a pipe bursts or a hot water heater fails.

Heating Issues

When you are not home to realize the heat has stopped working, three days out of town can turn into weeks of disaster recovery. Regular visits while you are away will ensure you are alerted early to any service issues.

Also remember, you may have set the temperature in your home for 55 degrees when you left. Which may be warm enough for your pipes when the temperature outside stays above 25 degrees. However, when a cold snap rolls in, you should have someone visit your home and boost the thermostat when the temperature drops below 20. Otherwise, you could return to a water damage that requires a major rehab of the building.

Ready Plan Speeds up Recovery

Preparing a Ready Plan before you go out of town will ensure you have all the information in one place on your phone that you would need in the event of a building emergency. You can also share this plan with those you choose to check on your house while you are gone.

Water Damage Specialists

Here at SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford, we have been helping residents restore their homes and belongings for decades. Call us first for a water damage. We will make it “Like it Never Even Happened.”

Protect Your Home from Fire

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Protect Your Home from Fire An ounce of fire prevention is truly worth a pound of cure

As we head into the winter season in Middlesex County, we can expect to see residential fires on the rise. Statistically, January is the month in which the U.S. sees the highest percentage of house fires.

More Deadly Fires

Fires in the home cause great concern because although only eight percent of total fires occur in the home, they cause 23 percent of the injuries and 30 percent of the deaths. Of the deaths, about 60 percent occurred in homes with smoke alarms missing or not working.

Kitchen Fires

Cooking is the number one cause of fires in the home. You can protect your family by

  • Keeping combustible materials away from the stove and other cooking appliances
  • And monitoring children when they are cooking.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Short circuits and other appliance malfunctions also cause many house fires. Again, keeping flammable items away from space heaters and other appliances that get hot will help protect your home and family.

Never leave a space heater on when sleeping or not in the room with the heater. Unplug electric appliances when not in use.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Be sure to check your smoke detectors monthly and replace your batteries annually. You should also replace your detectors when they are ten years old or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Fires happen, but many do not have to be fatal.

Call SERVPRO for Professional Fire Restoration

Should you have the misfortune to suffer a fire in your home, you can call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford anytime day or night at 781-861-0500 to speak with a caring individual who will help you start taking back your home. Our fire restoration technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to provide professional restoration services according to industry standards.

We can dry wet materials, clean the soot, and filter harmful particulates out of the air. We will even deal with your insurance company to help them understand the scope of your loss. We want to be your first choice to make fire “Like it never even happened.”

Laundry Pipe Burst in Lexington, Mass.

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Laundry Pipe Burst in Lexington, Mass. Small leaks become large losses when no one is home.

Do you run your washing machine or dishwasher when you are not home? You might get away with this 999 times out of 1000. However, if a hose fails or a pipe bursts, the problem will likely get much worse in the time it takes you to return to your home.

Lexington, MA Pipe Burst

We were recently called to a colonial in Lexington, Mass. with a laundry closet on the second floor. The homeowners had started the washer before heading out for the day. Upon their return in the evening, they found a pipe leading to the washer had burst and three floors had water damage. Water had leaked from the laundry closet into the master bedroom and flowed down through the first floor into the basement.

This loss was much more expensive than it would have been had someone been home to hear the water flowing and shut off the water main until a plumber arrived to fix the pipe. Not only was the loss more expensive, but also more intrusive.

In order to dry the house quickly and avert microbial growth, we had to remove several floorboards in the master bedroom and drill holes in the living room wall. Which means these rooms also needed repairs once the house was dry.

Be Prepared

Here at SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford, we recommend every adult and responsible young adult knows where to shut off the water to the home in the event of a water emergency. Inspecting your washer hoses and replacing aging ones will also help prevent a problem. And running your dishwasher or washing machine only when someone is home is key to keeping a small leak from becoming a major flood.

Get It Dry

Of course, once the damage is done, you need to get your home dry as soon as possible to avoid mold growth. Call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford at the first sign of water intrusion. We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

When a Property Inspector Finds Mold in Bedford, Mass.

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation When a Property Inspector Finds Mold in Bedford, Mass. Call our mold remediation specialists when a property inspector finds mold

You have so many balls to juggle when selling your Bedford home. You have to clean and make cosmetic repairs. Then you stage the living areas, schedule showings and open houses, and field the offers.

Finally, when you think you are in the homestretch, you hear the property inspector found mold.

Mold in Bedford, Mass.

Mold will make a real estate buyer nervous. You will likely need to remediate the outbreak before closing or the whole deal may fall apart.

At SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford, we work with home sellers to remediate mold as quickly as possible. Most of the time, we are able to salvage the closing date as long as we are called in as soon as you know you have a problem.

Remediation Professionals

Home buyers trust our brand. They see our trucks and commercials. They know our applied microbial remediation specialists have the training and experience to properly contain the outbreak and remediate the mold growth. 

When you show your home buyers that you have trusted professionals on the job and resolving the issue, they will be reassured that they have chosen the right home from a responsible seller.

Save the Sale

Call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford when your property inspector finds mold in your Bedford home. We will do all we can to ensure you are clear to close on time.

Free Emergency Planning for Lexington, Mass. Businesses

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Free Emergency Planning for Lexington, Mass. Businesses If you fail to plan for your business surviving a disaster, you are planning to fail

Does your Lexington business have an emergency plan? If a pipe bursts in your building, do occupants know where to shut off the water until a plumber arrives? Can you quickly access all your emergency contact information no matter where you are? 

Free Emergency Planning in Lexington, MA

SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford offers a free Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for your business to ensure you are prepared for building disasters.

With our ERP, you will have the information you need to respond quickly and get back in business as soon as possible following a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event. 

Tag Utility Shutoffs

As part of the plan, we will tag your shutoffs for water, gas, electricity, and other key mechanical systems. We will also take a photo of each shutoff and note where to access it, so anyone reading the ERP can act fast when necessary.

Building Contacts

Building owners, facility manager, and human resources manager are among the key personnel you may need to contact quickly in an emergency. We gather all these primary contacts along with direct numbers for first responders and utility companies, so you have all the information you need in one place.

Key Partners

After a disaster, you may need to partner with several different organizations to restore and rebuild. We help you organize your preferred vendors ahead of time in a list that makes it easy for you to reach out and connect with them.

Mobile App

Once we have all the pertinent information and photos, we generate a hard copy report you can keep in your facility. We also store this emergency profile in a mobile app, so you always have the information available at your fingertips and can easily update information when appropriate.

You can request our services directly from the app, and you can easily share it via email with anyone else who needs the information during your disaster response.

Call for Your Free ERP

Our marketing team is available to create an ERP for your business. Call today to schedule a walkthrough of your facility, so you are prepared no matter what happens this winter.

Were Your Fire Extinguishers Recalled in Bedford, Mass.?

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Were Your Fire Extinguishers Recalled in Bedford, Mass.? Check your Kidde fire extinguishers to ensure they were not recalled last year

Last November, Kidde Fire Safety issued a recall on several models of fire extinguishers. We advise everyone check their fire extinguishers against the Kidde recall page to confirm that no recalled models remain in their facilities.

Bedford, MA: Check Extinguishers

The Kidde recall applies to certain models with plastic handles or push-button “pindicators”. Visit the recall page to verify whether or not your Kidde fire extinguishers are part of the recall.

Here are some other things to keep in mind regarding your equipment.

Regular Inspections

Fire extinguishers should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Facility managers and/or owners should inspect them every month, and a licensed company should be called in to inspect and maintain them annually.

Employee Training

Like any equipment, extinguishers only work properly when handled by someone who knows how to use them. Safety training in your facility should include teaching the proper use of extinguishers.

You could also call in a fire safety company to train all employees at once. Just remember to train new employees as they come on board as well.

Fire Safety Provider

If you would like to connect with a local company that provides fire safety equipment, annual inspections, and training, call our office at 781-861-0500. We will refer you to the team we trust to maintain our equipment.

Plan Ahead To Survive Disasters

Up to 50 percent of businesses will not survive a catastrophic loss like a fire or flood. SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford offers a free Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) to help local businesses prepare in advance to recover quickly when things go wrong.

Please call us today to learn more about how an ERP can help your business be prepared.

Lexington, Massachusetts: Do You Need a Mold Test?

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Lexington, Massachusetts: Do You Need a Mold Test? Mold only gets worse the longer you let it grow

Mold causes concern for many home and business owners. Not only is mold unpleasant to see or smell, it can also cause property damage and may have health effects for building occupants.

Do You Need a Mold Test in Lexington, MA?

We field many calls a month from people who are concerned about the possibility of mold in their building. They want to know

  • Do they need testing?
  • Can we do the testing?

If you can see mold or other microbes growing on building materials, you do not need mold testing. A test would merely confirm what you already know.

Here at SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford we do not do mold testing, but we can recommend a lab if you would like.

Finding Hidden Mold

When you smell but cannot see mold, our certified production managers can usually help locate it during a free estimate. They will start by identifying the source of the moisture that provides an ideal environment for microbial growth.

Moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras allow our estimators to find moisture behind walls and beneath flooring. Once they find moisture, they know where to concentrate their efforts.

If they do find mold, our franchise professionals will advise how you should address the contamination and discourage future outbreaks.

Does It Matter What Kind of Mold?

Black mold has received a bad reputation as a particularly nasty microbe, but the treatment for any mold in your building is the same.

  • Isolate the contamination.
  • Remove contaminated porous materials.
  • Remove mold from nonporous materials.
  • Apply an anti-microbial product.
  • Filter the air to extract as many spores as possible.

Testing is an added expense that does not help you combat the problem. Rather than drive up the costs of your remediation project, we recommend you call for an estimate to begin addressing the contamination.

Our crews are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to apply the latest industry standards in mold remediation. Call SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford for a free estimate when you suspect microbial growth in your Middlesex County building.

Dental Office Fire Cleanup in Brookline, Mass.

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Dental Office Fire Cleanup in Brookline, Mass. We want to help you reopen ASAP following a fire

Who do you call when fire closes your business? You need so many things once you hear the all clear from the fire department:

  • Your building secured,
  • The soot removed from all surfaces,
  • Damaged building materials replaced,
  • Wet materials dried, and
  • HVAC ductwork cleaned.

And you need all these things as soon as possible so you can return to business.

Dental Office Fire Cleanup

When a midday fire all but destroyed a restaurant in a Brookline, Mass. plaza, our franchise offered restoration services to neighboring businesses. An adjacent dental office manager said we would get the job if we could guarantee the office would open the following morning.

The other restoration companies at the scene said we were crazy to take the job. They were sure we could not follow through and we would ruin our reputation by trying and failing.

However, we knew if our crews applied themselves and worked through the night, we could get meet the deadline.

Working Through the Night

As each crew finished their assignments for that day, we sent them to the dental office to pitch in and get the job done. They scrubbed soot from floors, walls, and fixtures. They cleaned ductwork. They removed and replaced ceiling tiles.

Four crews worked through the night. The next morning, that office opened on time and kept its commitment to patient appointments.

Hard To Believe

A competitor who had said the job could not be completed overnight was surprised when he stopped by a couple of days later to find the office open. He said we could not have completed the job so quickly. He suggested we must have misled the customer about the work we did.

Our competitor did not realize that the office manager had stayed on site and supervised our crews through the night. Our customer had no doubt we did what we said we would do in the time we said it would take.

Professionals Committed to Business

When you have a fire, any downtime threatens the life of your business. Employees who cannot work may find new jobs. Customers who depend on your goods and services may seek alternative suppliers. Lost revenue may affect capital investments, shareholder confidence, and the bottom line.

At SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford, we understand the importance of time in commercial disaster response. We have committed fire restoration professionals who will make your loss “Like it never even happened.” Call us first when fire closes your doors and you need them opened again as soon as possible.